Regulated Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Opens Doors

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Ho Chi Minh City to Develop Blockchain Regulations for Smart Cities

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Bithumb Global Announces Bithumb Coin (BT)

Bithumb Global Announces Bithumb Coin (BT)

Bithumb Global has officially announced the launch of Bithumb Coin, the token that will be the fuel of the Bithumb Chain. The initial supply will be of 300 million units but, through a burn program, the exchange aims to destroy 50 percent of the total supply. The news was published by Financemagnates on November 12.

Native Token for Bithumb Chain

The token will be launched under the “BT” ticker and will work as a medium of exchange for the Bithumb Chain ecosystem which will probably be launched during Q1 2020.

As already discussed by BTCManager, the Bithumb Chain is part of the Bithumb Family, a digital platform that aims to connect individuals, institutions, and companies both in the blockchain and classic financial sectors.

The Bithumb Coin will serve this purpose. Built with a model similar to that of competitor Binance Coin, BT will be used to carry out transactions within the Bithumb Chain and create a system of incentives that will drive the Bithumb Family.

The initial supply will be 300 million units. However, the exchange aims to use its revenue to buy back some of its tokens and burn them. The goal is to reduce the offer by 50 percent, thus bringing the number of units available to 150 million.

The token holders will also be involved in the Bithumb Chain governance model. This includes both the formulation and direction of network development and also the investment decisions of the Bithumb Chain. The Korean giant specifies that the token distribution will be based on the user incentive pool for a total of 30 percent while another 30 percent will be allocated for trading incentives.

Bithumb is Pushing its Offering

Bithumb Global is continuously pushing to expand its offerings and is eying to make a mark on the global map. Its daily trading volume accounts for almost all the bitcoin markets in South Korea as well as 15 percent of the global bitcoin market. Moreover, the creation of the Bithumb Token could be excellent to increase the engagement of Bithumb Family users, which are already around 8 million.

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AlphaPoint’s White Label Tech Now Lets Crypto Exchanges Offer Margin Trading

Crypto software firm AlphaPoint is bringing margin trading to its client exchanges.

Announced Tuesday at CoinDesk’s Invest NYC conference, the technology provider is adding support for margin trading, with a raft of trading options and controls for crypto brokerages and exchanges utilizing its software. 

AlphaPoint’s platform is customizable, to better serve clients operating in different markets and regulatory regimes, spokesman Patrick Shields told CoinDesk:

“Rather than creating a one-size fits all model, we focused on creating a platform that is highly configurable,” he said. “Some examples include requiring approval workflow for end users, and configurable minimum deposit size, leverage and liquidation levels, fees and other settings.”

At launch, the company said that no clients were immediately implementing AlphaPoint margin trading, but “several firms” are beta testing the platform, including the Canadian cryptocurrency trader National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX), according to a press release.

Bilal Hammoud, NDAX founder and CEO, said in a statement that he looked forward to the partnership:

“We will bring BTC to CAD margin trading to Cryptocurrency and allow traders to enjoy a secure, compliant, and technologically advanced platform.”

Margin trading – when one buys a security (or in this case a cryptocurrency) using borrowed funds – is becoming increasingly prevalent in the crypto space as many popular exchanges continue implementing the feature. Binance rolled out margin trading in July, and Bakkt, Coinbase’s professional trading platform and Kraken all have the option.

But that increase has not come without pushback. Certain countries around the world have discouraged crypto margin trades and placed tight controls on the practice, as in Japan

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Huobi’s ‘Regulator-Friendly’ Blockchain Goes Open Source

Huobi Chain, the regulator-facing public blockchain of exchange Huobi Group, is now open source and publicly available to all developers on GitHub, the firm said Tuesday.

Nervos, a blockchain development startup, is providing part of the technical infrastructure for the project.

The firms are developing pluggable components for the network that could enable regulators to supervise contract deployments, asset holdings and transfers, as well as the enforcement of anti money laundering regulations, Bo Wang, a Nervos researcher, told CoinDesk.

The components will also allow financial institutions, such as banks and regulatory agencies, to freeze assets and accounts in case of emergencies via sidechains, according to Wang.

“Supervision nodes will enable regulators to independently run and maintain nodes, extract data, and participate in the ecosystem’s supervision,” he said, noting Huobi Chain will also provide tools for pre-deployment audits and continuous tracking.

Huobi Chain unveiled the public blockchain in July in partnership with blockchain startup Nervos. It can be used for financial services and applications, including lending, debit services, stablecoins, security token offerings, exchanges and payment services, the company said.

The firm has touted the network as the first financial public chain to support nodes that let regulators contribute to the network as validators.

Huobi Group founder and CEO Leon Li said in today’s announcement:

“If major banks and financial institutions are to fully embrace and adopt permissionless blockchain technology, we need to create a safe and secure environment that makes it easier for them to transition their products and services to the blockchain.”

Nervos is also working with financial giant China Merchants Bank to develop its decentralized finance applications. The blockchain firm completed its $72 million token sale last week, and will launch its Lina mainnet on Nov. 16.

Huobi image via CoinDesk archives




“ 只有信仰才让思想发出火花,只有希望才让未来发出光芒。—— 雨果”

2011年2月9日,比特币的价格首次达到1美元,但当时很少有人对诞生于极客社区的比特币感兴趣,也很少有人能预料到比特币后来在全球范围内形成的影响。不过在洪蜀宁看来,“比特币的出现是对现有的货币和金融体系的颠覆” (洪蜀宁, 2011)。







洪蜀宁解释说,“在中本聪之前,数字货币其实有很多,其中最有名的就是David Chaum的‘DigiCash’。这个项目本来做得很不错,也是做到了几十个国家,最后因为监管的原因说没就没了。所以中本聪吸取了这一教训,做了一个去中心化的东西,监管拿我没办法。Libra其实是一种倒退,它又回到了DigiCash的路子上,只不过加了个区块链技术。我觉得Libra是做不成的,至多做成个‘USDFB’,也就是Facebook版的美元稳定币。Libra的设想是搞一个联盟,拿一揽子的法币资产作为储备来发币,而且这个币是通过中间经销商发行的,但实际上没有任何一个国家的监管机构会同意它这样做,从目前Libra遇到的阻力来看我的判断基本准确。”














科普 | 隐私保护堪忧?加密数据仓库大显身手(核心用例与需求分析)

本文源自于 Rebooting Web of Trust 组织在 RWOT IX — Prague, 2019会议上的论文《Encrypted Data Vaults》的第二部分。继上一部分介绍了当前加密数据仓库的方法和体系结构、派生的要求、设计目标以及开发者在实现数据存储时应意识到的风险之后,本部分将主要讲述数据存储系统的常见用例需求分析以及建设加密数据仓库的一些指导原则和设计目标。下一期我们将带来《Encrypted Data Vaults》的最后一部分,探讨加密数据仓库的架构及一些安全和隐私方面的考虑等问题。


作者(按字母顺序):Amy Guy、David Lamers、Tobias Looker、Manu Sporny 和 Dmitri Zagidulin

贡献者(按字母顺序):Daniel Bluhm 和 Kim Hamilton Duffy


1. 存储和使用数据


2. 搜索数据


3. 与一个或多个实体共享数据



4. 将同一数据存储在多个地方




1. 隐私和多方加密




2. 共享与授权


在系统中,可以指定一种强制性授权方案,也可有其它替代性授权方案。这些授权方案包括 OAuth2.0、Web 访问控制和 ZCAPs 等。

3. 身份标识

该系统应与身份标识无关。通常来说,URN 或 URL 形式的标识符是首选。假定系统要以某种方式使用去中心化身份(DID),但以硬编码实现 DID 不是一种很好的模式。

4. 版本管理和副本


5. 元数据和搜索



6. 通讯协议



1. 分层和模块化架构



2. 优先考虑隐私问题


3. 将实现复杂性推给客户端



未完待续,下一期我们将带来《Encrypted Data Vaults》的最后一部分,探讨加密数据仓库的架构及一些安全和隐私方面的考虑等问题,敬请期待!如果你对数据隐私保护等方面感兴趣,欢迎加入本体技术社区,与我们共同探讨。

Algo Affiliates Is Making Referral Marketing Easier Than Ever

Algo Affiliates, a world-leading marketing affiliate network specializing in crypto and forex, is looking to onboard partners and publishers for their technology-focused platform.

Do Affiliate Programs work?

A study into the prevalence of affiliate schemes conducted by Forrester Consulting found that a massive 81% of brands and 84% of publishers harness a referral marketing strategy.

Incredibly, over half of the publishers surveyed attributed 20% of their annual revenues to affiliate programs.

Further research by the national retail federation revealed that 38% of marketers cite affiliate schemes as the single best method to acquire new customers.

Given the apparent efficacy of the approach, it’s no surprise that affiliate programs have become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Since 2015 a combined $26.7 billion has been spent on affiliate marketing in the US alone, with a further 6.82 billion estimated in 2020.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Coinbase, Trezor, and Ledger – to name a few – are among the significant crypto-based businesses offering an affiliate program. For companies, these programs act as a perfect means to draw in new customers with minimal drain on resources. For affiliates, schemes work as a good source of income, enabling go-getters to reap what they sow. However, for both, negotiating multiple affiliate programs can create an awkward juggling act. Networks, such as Algo Affiliates, negate this issue, providing a platform on which to organize each affiliate program and pair the client with the best offers.

Taking lessons learned from the decentralized space, Algo Affiliates has a global reach connected to over 150 prominent multilingual brokers, in 25 countries worldwide. Moreover, the company cites over 200 multilingual offers, inclusive of high-converting mobile-friendly landing pages, with comprehensive creatives tailored for every type of traffic.

Algo’s Patented Algorithms

Combining a wealth of experience with their partiality towards technology, Algo-affiliates is a perfect fit within the fintech industry. Specializing in both crypto and forex affiliate schemes, Algo optimizes offers for customers worldwide in order to achieve a high level of efficacy.

Offers are connected to an automated trading system, with a fully serviced email and SMS conversion funnel optimized to convert prospective customers effectively. On top of this, Algo’s in-house smart algorithms ensure that offers are suitable for the incoming traffic, country of origin, and broker.

Algo Affiliates explains how these patented algorithms work to secure a result for their customers:

One of the keys to our success and our partners’ success is our proprietary, self-optimizing technology that makes sure the perfect offer reaches the optimal audience at the best time.

Catered for All

While Algo Affiliates places the utmost importance on their publisher’s satisfaction. They also pride themselves on supporting the growth of their promotors, prioritizing on-time payments, and ensuring that affiliates aren’t forever having to chase up rewards. The platform offers 24/7 support is provided, enabling peace of mind, ready to answer all queries.

Multiple settlement deals mean that including Revenue Share, Hybrid Deals, Referring Affiliates deals, and cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) deals. A CPA deal is an especially popular option, whereby the referring participants receive a one-off fee for every client referred to the affiliated merchant – the more clients converted, the more lucrative the CPA.

Affiliate marketing has become a strong contender to traditional advertising methods. The approach continues to prove its benefits time and time again, providing an efficient means of outreach and a valuable source of income for both publisher and affiliate.

Around The Block With Jeff And Dave – November 11, 2019

Around The Block With Jeff And Dave – November 11, 2019

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China doesn’t ban bitcoin! China is actually adopting blockchain-based projects.

Mastercard launches a ‘getting started’ kit in Asia.

We interview Alejandro with Poolin – Find out what real mining is all about.

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