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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Indian Prime Minister Modi Awards Young Entrepreneur for Cryptocurrency App

Indian Prime Minister Modi Awards Young Entrepreneur for Cryptocurrency App

Indian Prime Minister Modi Awards Young Entrepreneur for Cryptocurrency App

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has awarded a young entrepreneur for her cryptocurrency price tracking application while the government is still deliberating on the country’s crypto policies. caught up with the award recipient to find out more about her app. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is being challenged in the supreme court regarding its crypto action.

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Modi Awards Creator of Crypto App

While the Indian government is deliberating on whether to regulate or ban cryptocurrencies in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has awarded a young entrepreneur for her cryptocurrency tracking app creation. Modi tweeted on Jan. 24: “I am delighted that the very talented Harshita Arora has been conferred the Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020 … She has been focussing on a wide range of sectors. Her passion towards science, technology and human welfare are clearly visible.”

The award recipient, 18-year-old Kumari Harshita Arora, created an app called Crypto Price Tracker, a portfolio management and price tracking tool for cryptocurrencies, which she designed herself.

Interacting with the award winners at his residence, the prime minister said that he is proud to see the awareness of their duty towards society and the nation, local media reported. There were 49 winners in various categories; Arora was awarded the Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020 for her excellence in innovation. Noting that he gets inspiration and energy from the award recipients, Modi was quoted as saying: “When I was getting introduced to you a while back, I was really surprised. The way you all have tried in different fields, the work that has been done at such a young age … is amazing.” The prime minister added:

Whenever I hear about such courageous work of all you young comrades, talk to you, I also get inspiration and energy.

The Bal Shakti Puraskar award is given by the government of India every year “to recognize exceptional achievements of our children in various fields i.e., innovation, scholastic achievements, social service, arts & culture, sports and bravery,” explained the government’s website. It is also “to recognize the contribution of dedicated individuals and institutions, whose tireless efforts complement the actions taken by the government of India for the welfare of children.”

Arora’s Crypto Tracking App caught up with Arora who shared some details about her award-winning app. “I created a cryptocurrency portfolio management and price tracking application called Crypto Price Tracker and launched it on the App Store in Jan 2018,” she told the news team, noting that it was later acquired by Redwood City Ventures. The entrepreneur elaborated:

My app received a lot of positive feedback from the crypto community and got thousands of paid downloads in the first 24 hours of launch which led it to becoming the #2 app in the Finance category of the App Store.

Some screenshots of the crypto app Arora created.

Crypto Price Tracker is a portfolio management app that does price tracking and customizable alerts. It tracks the prices of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies from over 18 exchanges in 32 fiat currencies. It also provides price charts for all monitored cryptocurrencies during the last one day, one week, one month, three months, and one year.

Users can create time-based alerts to get prices of a coin as a push notification regularly or at a specific time. They can also create price threshold-based alerts to get notifications when the price of a certain coin drops, rises or changes by a certain percentage. The app is available in the Apple app store, but not in the U.S., however.

Is the Indian Government Changing Its Stance on Crypto?

An entrepreneur winning such a prestigious award from the Indian government for crypto-related work came as a surprise to many in the crypto community since lawmakers have been considering an anti-crypto bill. The interministerial committee (IMC) headed by former Finance Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg recommended a ban on all cryptocurrencies, except state-issued ones. Garg has since resigned but maintains a negative view on the future of cryptocurrencies.

“Now this is interesting,” Varun Sethi, also known as Blockchain Lawyer, tweeted in response to the news of Arora receiving the award, pointing out that the “draft law by the interministerial committee imposes punishment for direct / indirect use of cryptos.”

Indeed, the crypto bill drafted by the IMC states that “No person shall directly or indirectly use cryptocurrency in any manner,” including providing cryptocurrency-related services to consumers or investors. Those in violation face a fine or imprisonment of “not be less than
one year but which may extend up to ten years, or both,” according to the text of the bill. However, the bill has not been introduced in parliament and the Indian crypto community believes that it is flawed and will not be introduced as is.

Indian social media influencer by the name “Shalini” commented, “India is in a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrency,” adding:

While RBI fights against crypto in the supreme court, our prime minister just awarded Harshita Arora a prestigious award for innovation in various fields including crypto (she created a crypto price tracking app).

The Reserve Bank of India has repeatedly displayed its negative stance towards cryptocurrency. In April 2018, it issued a circular banning regulated financial institutions from providing services to crypto businesses. The supreme court is currently hearing the petitions against this ban, which will resume next week.

What do you think of Prime Minister Modi giving an award to Arora for her crypto price tracking app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Harshita Arora, and the Indian government.

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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

盘点二月份有重大进展的DeFi项目:Aave & Genesis Vision


一月份如期交付的亮点项目有Aave和Genesis Vision,都属于金融领域。Aave项目主营去中心化借贷,Genesis Vision致力于构建一个去信任机制的私人投资管理平台。






Aave最佳的参照产品是Compound,产品原理相似,只是Compound并没有涉及代币,属于无代币的协议类项目。2018年9月27日Compound产品推出,5个月之后,到2019年3月 Compound的资金池规模达到2400万美元,目前Compound的资产规模超1亿美元,支持的加密货币8种有BTC、BAT、DAI、SAI、ETH、REP、USDC和ZRX,其中稳定币3种。


Aave在推出去中心化借贷池之外,还上线一个全新产品闪电贷Flash Loan,可实现无抵押极速借贷。这是区块链世界的首个无抵押借贷产品,具有开拓性创新。




ArbitrageDAO借取3,112.94DAI,实现套利8.95 DAI ,减去gas支出0.02个ETH(约合3.5DAI),盈利5.45DAI,利润率0.175%。另外,闪电贷需要支付0.35%的手续费,其中手续费的90%将沉淀在借贷资金池中,所有借款人共享收益。余下的10%还是遵循二八原则,80%用于LEND回购销毁,20%用于推广奖励。

此外,闪电贷还能有什么应用场景呢?根据创始人Stani Kulechov介绍,闪电贷可以用于去中心化交易所之间的币价套利,以太坊Defi产品之间的利率差套利,以及借款平仓即将触及清仓线的Maker CDP,减少13%的清仓罚金缴纳。


去中心化的“合约帝”Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision发布最新GV 2.0版本,产品的核心功能上线,即GV Follow功能。该功能帮助投资人实现直接跟单操作。交易员通过加载API密钥,就可以轻松地将自己在交易所的交易记录传入GV平台,无需登录GV账户。GV平台上的投资人就可在关注列表中查阅交易员的交易情况,并能够遵循其的交易策略,进行跟单。


例如,交易者在其外部Binance Follow账户上设置10%的交易费用。若币安交易佣金为0.1%,交易者将从每个订户的复制交易中获得0.01%的收益。盈利提成是对跟随交易所赚取的利润收取费用,没有利润意味着不收取任何费用。


Genesis Vision发布年度报告,公示2019年运营数据:20,314位用户注册,交易员执行了13,846个投资策略,完成163,049笔交易,总交易额为7亿美元(5.3k BTC,3.9k ETH,36.7k USDT,6.56亿美元),总投资额约119万美元(576,747 GVT,52 BTC,304 ETH,181,392 USDT,以1月14日价格计价)。

Genesis Vision的产品定位类似于交易所举办的交易大赛,真实可信地展示交易者的操盘水平,挖掘有潜力的民间交易高手。优秀的交易者将获得市场追捧,通过代客理财赚取收入。






1月19日,Tezos主网Carthage V2.0版本投票已通过,现在进入测试阶段。截止2月11日,主网Carthage V2.0版本将结束测试阶段,社区将根据测试结果来投票决定是否正式主网上升级。若测试结果获得社区投票通过,预计2月底Tezos主网正式升级。

Tezos Carthage 2.0提案的主要内容有:1.将消耗Gas值上限在原有基础上增加30%,即每笔转账操作的Gas由80万提高到104万,则每个区块的转账费用将从800万提高到1040万。这样的调整将使Tezos网络能够执行更复杂的智能合约。2.改进了用于计算烘焙的公式,使计算结果更加精准。



Comos跨链交互的核心协议之一是链间通信协议IBC (全称Inter-Blockchain Communication)。基于Tendermint共识机制的项目可以通过IBC协议相互操作,该协议采用加密方式来证明消息是从区域发送到另一个区域的。

Cosmos团队计划在2020年1月底推出IBC的测试竞赛Game of Zone,奖金池有10万个ATOM。测试竞赛的目的是测试IBC的性能情况,为IBC主网发布做准备。



原计划2020年1月Augur V2版本发布,目前处于待发布状态。项目官方Twitter反复强调V2即将上线,预计上线时间在2月初。

Augur V2版本对产品功能进行较大的改进和完善,除了对预测市场的操作流程做了更详尽的优化外,还将集成去中心化交易所0x的技术,以实现订单创建、修改和撤销。V2版本将支持稳定币Dai参与预测市场押注,用于最终结算支付。







MANA宣布将在2月20日发布正式版本,对所有用户开放,以此增加用户数量。详见头等仓报告《Decentraland将于2.20对公众开放!》。在版本发布期间,项目方将举办《In-Word》 的寻宝游戏,用户可以在场景中寻找项目方设置的NFT礼品,这些NFT礼品可以在Opensea上进行交易。同时,MANA还将采用Aragon的DAO功能,由社区参与MANA经济模型的确定,例如系统中的土地Land拍卖规则等。


Status产品定位是做以太坊生态上的流量入口,类似“微信”。Status应用程序有内置钱包,社交通信。还开发了DApp Discovery,相当于以太坊去中心化的dapp应用商店。


原计划是2019年9月,Status将推出V1版本,实现去中心化的社交通信。团队发布的最新工作报告中有说明,Status V1版本将延期至2020年2月。



2020年2月10日,项目将激活Aragon Court的陪审员角色,这也意味着Aragon Court功能的正式上线。Aragon Court是DAO组织自治过程中解决各方纠纷的场所,而陪审员的使命是起草诉讼,并通过投票代币ANJ对诉讼案件进行表决,诉讼起草和胜诉方投票的陪审员可获得Dai的收益,此外起草诉讼的陪审员可以获得10 DAI的收入。


Aragon已支持Dai作为筹款的加密货币,随后纠纷仲裁的功能模块Aragon Court也将推出。可见,若采用Aragon来发起募资,将会使项目的财务情况公开透明,且可以受到社区的监管。一旦项目方出现问题,社区可以决定是否再发放资金,这可以有效防范空气项目以及项目方不作为的情况,促进区块链行业发展。



Particl的Open Marketplace正式主网发布是在2019年8月12日,产品不断迭代更新,目前更新至V2.3.2版本,已实现的功能有:商品批量上架、商品评论及反馈回复、订单取消、Particl钱包支持比特币交换、开发机器人的开发SDK、降低商品上架费用等。


Bluzelle (BLZ),#496


项目计划于2月6日发布主网CURIE版本中的多节点互信任Multi-Farmer Trusted的数据库功能。该功能可支持社区成员在系统制定的规则下搭建网络节点,自由进出Bluzelle网络,而在此之前网络节点均由官方搭建,且未向社区公布任何网络数据,引发社区成员对项目中心化的担忧,进而对项目产生疑惑。








Bitcoin Saw a “Mega Rejection” at $9,200, And It Should be Worrisome for Bulls

Over the past few days, Bitcoin (BTC) has stalled, finding itself between a rock and a hard place. Many analysts are currently undecided where the cryptocurrency will go in the next few weeks, though one top trader recently noted that BTC’s price action at $9,200 could be a precursor to more downside.

How Bearish Is Bitcoin’s Rejection at $9,200?

In the wake of Bitcoin’s flash crash at $9,200 last week, Haejin noted that this represented a “mega rejection” on a daily basis. He specifically looked to the fact that BTC saw a bearish retest of the 200-day moving average, collapsed out of a multi-week rising wedge, and failed to surmount key macro resistance — three signs showing bears remain decisively in control.

So what does this “mega rejection” mean for Bitcoin per Haejin? Well, it fulfills a bearish fractal that the commentator laid out.

Per previous reports from NewsBTC, this Haejin last week pointed out that Bitcoin’s price action since the $14,000 top in June is eerily reminiscent of that seen in the 2018 bear market, with both cycles seeing a downward price channel, an upward wedge-formed false breakout (like the one we just saw), declining volume, and signs of capitulation.

Haejin then added that if BTC follows the exact path it did in 2018, the price will soon collapse back to the $6,000s, then Bitcoin will capitulate in March or April to fall as low as $3,300 by the time of the halving.

Can Bitcoin Bulls Step In?

Although this rising wedge breakdown is notably bearish, analysts haven’t given up hope that bulls will eventually step in, negating the aforementioned fractal analysis.

Just this week, analyst Filb Filb — who notably called Bitcoin’s flash pump to the $9,000s and crash to the $6,000s in late-2019 — wrote in a recent newsletter that he is bullish on BTC heading into the block reward reduction or “halving” slated to take place in May:

“Overall, Bitcoin is exactly where [I] anticipated; slowly grinding up towards previous resistance… I’m very much of the opinion that Bitcoin will reach to at least $12,500 level before the halving.”

As to why $12,500 makes sense, he noted that that is the “top target” for a bullish inverse head and shoulders chart that is forming on a medium-term basis for Bitcoin.

There’s also Financial Survivalism, a trader who in December called BTC’s move into the $8,000s and $9,000s we just saw, explained in an extensive TradingView post that he thinks that BTC is on track to hit $20,000 by July 1st.

Survivalism cited a flurry of strong technical factors and the impending halving.

Featured Image from Shutterstock

Cryptocurrency News From Japan: Jan. 20–24 in Review

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.







麦道夫1938年出生。22岁时从大学毕业后利用做小生意的5000美元投资成立了伯纳德· 麦道夫证券投资公司,并开始赚钱——他一开始确实是一个厉害的生意人和投资人。