Compromised Crypto Exchange Coincheck Reopens New Account Signups & Limited Trading


Compromised Crypto Exchange Coincheck Reopens New Account Signups & Limited Trading


Monex Group, a Japanese brokerage firm that acquired previously hacked digital asset exchange, Coincheck, (in April) announced that the crypto trading platform has reopened new account signups.

Users will also be allowed to engage in limited trading starting from Tuesday (October 30th).

Monex Group’s announcement further noted that users may purchase and deposit a select few cryptocurrencies on Coincheck. These include bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum classic (ETC), and litecoin (LTC).

Recovering From Damaging Hack

When Monex acquired Coincheck for $33.5 million in April, bitcoin had been the only digital currency that users were allowed to trade on the hacked platform. As covered, Coincheck accounts for most of Monex Group’s crypto-related business.

However, the operational costs associated with managing Coincheck after the acquisition have resulted in losses of about $7.5 million. According to the Monex Group, the exchange has not been profitable because of the damage caused when it was hacked in January. At present, Monex Group has 1,025 employees and around 15 percent of them are focused on the crypto segment of its business

Due to the security breach, which resulted in $534 million in NEM tokens being stolen, Monex’s management team has had to spend considerable time, money, and effort in order to improve Coincheck’s internal security infrastructure. 

This is also a requirement as Japan’s financial regulator, the Financial Service Agency (FSA), has increased its scrutiny of local digital asset exchanges due to several local exchanges being hacked.

Other Cryptocurrencies May Be Added Later

In its announcement, the Monex Group also noted that in the future, it may allow Coincheck users to trade ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), nem (XEM), lisk (LSK), and factom (FCT). However, the exchange will only add more coins “if the services are confirmed safe and become ready to be offered”, the notice stated.

Users currently looking to open an account on the Coincheck trading platform will have to submit identity documents in order to pass know-your-customer (KYC) checks. This is strictly enforced by Japan’s self-regulatory body, the Virtual Currency Association (JVCEA) – which was recently authorized by the FSA to create and enforce regulatory policies as they would apply to local digital asset exchanges.





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“2018年1月停暂停服务之后,Coincheck基本上只允许现有用户出售他们手里的加密货币。” Monex集团在10月29日公布的第三季度财报时说道。






发文时比特币现金(BCH)的价格是:¥ 2917.33



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Crypto Price Tracking App CoinTicker Installs Backdoors to Control Host Computer: Report

Cybersecurity publications were sounding the alarm over cryptocurrency malware again Monday, Oct. 29 after a Malwarebytes forum user reported a price monitoring app for macOS was a trojan.

Confirmed in a blog post by the cybersecurity software developer, community member 1vladimir reported suspicious behavior by an app called CoinTicker over the weekend.

The app purports to let users track cryptocurrency prices from within the Mac toolbar, which update automatically.

“Although this functionality seems to be legitimate, the app is actually up to no good in the background, unbeknownst to the user,” Malwarebytes’ blog post explains, adding:

“Without any signs of trouble, such as requests for authentication to root, there’s nothing to suggest to the user that anything is wrong.”

Upon further inspection, it became clear CoinTicker contained script that would download two backdoors onto the host machine, allowing a remote party to take control of it.

The Github repository from which the CoinTicker malware downloaded the backdoors has since been deleted, tech magazine Bleeping Computer meanwhile notes.

In its own analysis, the publication suggests the app could well have purely been developed to distribute the trojan.

While it is unknown how many machines the malware has infected in the few days since its discovery, the episode is a further reminder of the voracity of attackers targeting cryptocurrency investors.

As Cointelegraph has frequently reported, malware continues to surface, often in the form of hidden crypto mining scripts or even schemes that empty mobile or other hot wallets.

Earlier this month, Google opted to remove all extensions with so-called obfuscated code – a feature which masks their purpose – from its Web Store in an effort to combat the problem.

Coincheck Resumes New Account Openings, Customers Deposits

Coincheck, the Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange victim of a $500 million worth theft, has resumed new account openings, customer deposits, and purchasing of some digital currencies.

The operator had suspended some services following the late January incident in order to protect customers’ assets and investigate the cause of hacking.

Coincheck Exchange Resumes Trading of BTC, ETC, LTC, BCH, New Accounts Exclusive for Japan Residents

The theft of $500 million worth of NEM in early 2018 caused alarm in Japan, forcing the hand of the country’s financial watchdog, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), to be more demanding of cryptocurrency exchanges operating in its jurisdiction.

Coincheck has improved its governance and internal control throughout the year in order to safely restart its activities, the company explained in the announcement.

“In particular, we resumed JPY withdrawal in February 2018 and remitting and selling of cryptocurrencies gradually during the period from March to June 2018. And now, here we announce that Coincheck has resumed “new account openings” and “customers’ depositing and purchasing some cryptocurrencies” services today.”

The cryptocurrencies made available for deposit are BTC, ETC, LTC, and BCH, which are also available for purchase. Bitcoin trading on Coincheck was never suspended and users were always able to sell any cryptocurrency on their portfolios.

New account openings are only available for customers residing in Japan. The registration process includes the submission of identification documents and a KYC check, before receiving a postcard-sized letter from Japan Post instructing the account activation.

Coincheck requests existing customers to generate a depositing address when reusing the depositing service. If a remittance is sent to the old deposit address, the operator will not reflect it on the user’s balance nor return it back.

The operator, which was acquired by Monex Group for $33.5 million, warns customers that trading services may be temporarily suspended if the platform experiences a significant increase in the volume of transactions or sudden price fluctuations.

Coincheck is yet to resume depositing and buying of ETH, XEM, LSK, XRP, and FCT, as well as leveraged transactions for new positions, its affiliate service, JPY depositing through convenience stores, JPY quick depositing (Pay-easy), Coincheck Payment, and Coincheck DENKI (electricity). The services are expected to resume once they are confirmed safe and ready to be offered, the operator added.

In May 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange announced it was ordered to delist Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dash and Augur’s Reputation (REP) in accordance with Japan’s FSA’s new policy which aims at banning cryptocurrencies that offer significant anonymity.

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Coinbase’s Head of Trading Resigns After Six Months on Job

The head of trading at Coinbase, Hunter Merghart, has resigned from the U.S. crypto exchange and wallet provider after just six months on the job, CoinDesk has learned.

Merghart made the decision to leave the company last week and is now exploring other opportunities, according to people familiar with the situation. Coinbase declined to comment on the move when reached.

His departure follows that of the executive who hired him, Adam White, who left Coinbase earlier this month to become the chief operating officer of Bakkt, the new institutional crypto trading platform being launched by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent of the New York Stock Exchange.

White, who was Coinbase’s fifth employee and most recently a vice president and general manager there, hired Merghart to join Coinbase Institutional at the start of May 2018. He joined from the U.K.-based megabank Barclays, where he’d worked as a director of U.S. equity trading since 2015. 

Merghart is leaving out of frustration that he wasn’t getting enough resources or clarity on the roadmap to building an institutional business, according to two people familiar with his reasons.

Earlier this month, Coinbase confirmed it had shut down an index fund geared toward institutional investors, just four months after it went live.

Going institutional

Still, the departure comes as Coinbase secures another $300 million of funding in a Series E round announced Tuesday, part of which the company said would go toward building the institutional side of the business.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Coinbase president and chief operating officer Asiff Hirji said the growing custody and institutional businesses will account in the future for a large share of revenues, which are currently “100% transactional.”

To be sure, Coinbase has no shortage of institutional bench strength.

It recently hired former Instinet CEO Jonathan Kellner as its new managing director of the Institutional Coverage Group and also added former Charles Schwab advisor Chris Dodds to its board of directors and former JPMorgan executive director Oputa Ezediaro to the Institutional Coverage Group.

Despite a sustained slump in cryptocurrency prices, a febrile atmosphere surrounds the expected advancement of Wall Street into the digital asset trading space.

Among the notable players, ICE is poised to launch bitcoin futures on Bakkt in early December, and Fidelity Investments is building a crypto trading platform.

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The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.


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coinbase-logo1-696x223-1-300x96 (1)Coinbase在8月的D轮融资中筹到1亿美元资金后又筹到了更多资金。该公司在10月30日Coinbase宣布已获得各个风险投资人总计3亿美元的投资。参加E轮融资的有Polychain Capital、Y Combinator Continuity、Wellington Management和Andreessen Horowitz。根据该公司发布的公告,此次融资由老虎全球基金领投。

“我们很高兴宣布Coinbase又获得3亿美元的投资,完成融资后市值达到80亿美元,以促进加密货币和数字资产的推广。” Coinbase在公告中说道。

该交易所还表示获得的资金将会用于公司业务的全球扩张,Coinbase计划“打好基础”,未来支持数千种加密货币。该交易所还表示,计划通过发展公司的托管服务,吸引到更多机构投资者参与数字货币经济。Coinbase在10月23日拿到了纽约金融服务部门的信托许可证,拿证后Coinbase成立另一家Coinbase Custody信托公司。




美国还有几家其他的数字货币平台将要与Coinbase竞争。其中一个竞争平台是由优步联合创始人奥斯卡·萨拉扎(Oscar Salazar)投资的初创公司Voyager。还有一个独角兽级别的加密货币企业Circle Financial,该公司目前已融资5.253亿美元。公司向加密货币社区承诺,获得的投资将会用于扩大加密货币的全球普及和应用。

“我们认为加密货币拥有巨大的潜力,将会把互联网带入下一个伟大阶段(Web 3.0),把权利将重新交回消费者手里并开启创新新时代,让全世界更多的人获得更多的经济机会。”

发文时比特币现金(BCH)的价格是:¥ 2940.20




作者:Jamie Redman

Coinbase Raises $300 Million, Reaching $8 Billion Valuation

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage service Coinbase announced on Tuesday that it had raised $300 million in series E equity funding. This latest round confirms Coinbase’s status as the largest cryptocurrency organization of its kind, bringing its market valuation up to $8 billion.

Also read: Bitstamp Confirms Acquisition by South Korean Company

Coinbase Raises More Funds in Order to Expand Global Efforts

Coinbase Raises $300 Million, Reaching $8 Billion ValuationCoinbase has raised more money this month after raising $100 million in August in a series D funding round. The company announced on Oct. 30 that the corporation has secured another $300 million from various venture capital investors. The companies who participated in the series E round include Polychain Capital, Y Combinator Continuity, Wellington Management, and Andreessen Horowitz. According to the company’s blog post, Tiger Global Management led the latest Coinbase investment round.

“We’re pleased to announce that Coinbase will add an additional $300 million of investment at a post-money valuation of over $8 billion to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets,” explained the San Francisco company’s blog.

The exchange details that the new funding will be dedicated to expanding services across the globe and that Coinbase plans to “lay the groundwork” to support “thousands” of cryptocurrencies in the future. The cryptocurrency service also detailed that it plans on enticing more institutional interest towards the digital asset economy by bolstering the company’s custody offering. Coinbase just received a trust charter from the New York Department of Financial Services on Oct. 23 which will help them build a standalone entity called the Coinbase Custody Trust Company.

Coinbase Raises $300 Million, Reaching $8 Billion Valuation

Coinbase Envisions ‘Tremendous Promise’

The cryptocurrency exchange also discussed how it recently added the USDC stablecoin and plans to add more “utility applications for crypto” in the future. Coinbase further emphasized that with the new series E funding they will remain “a crypto-first company.” Coinbase has performed well within the cryptocurrency economy since its inception in 2012, gathering roughly 44 investors and seven large funding rounds.

There are a few other online digital currency platforms that will compete with Coinbase in the U.S. One such competitor could be the new startup Voyager backed by Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar. There’s also Circle Financial, another unicorn cryptocurrency business that’s raised $246 million to date. After the recent funding round, Coinbase has now raised a total of $525.3 million and the company has reassured the crypto community that the money will be well spent towards spreading cryptocurrency adoption worldwide.

“We see tremendous promise in crypto to build the next great phase of the internet (often referred to as Web 3), which has the power to put control back in the hands of consumers, unleash a new era of innovation, and offer greater access to economic opportunities to more people around the world,” Coinbase concluded.

What do you think about Coinbase raising $300 million in a series E funding round? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Coinbase, and Pixabay. 

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